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The Istanbul Restaurant restaurant has been serving for over 13 years

Our company, which was established in the state of New Jersey in the USA in 2010, today serves in 3 locations. It is our aim and motto to be the Rendezvous for food lovers.

The most important feature of our company, which always acts with the principle of fresh and healthy food, is its customer satisfaction-oriented work.

We value our customer and their experrience which are obtained during a dinner or a breakfast at our restoran. The improvements made always according to the customer’s preference. We determine food as a means of conveying our vision to the customers.Furthermore. We are working to achieve our goal of growth.

The indispensable flavours

The indispensable flavours

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The Secret of Our Taste is Hidden in Experience

The secret of our success and taste is hidden in our experience of over 11 years. We offer seasonal flavors to our guests with a contemporary presentation and a service understanding based on %100 customer satisfaction.


Fresh Ingredients

Meat products, seafood, vegetables and all the ingredients that are used in the recepies are fresh.

Proficient Chefs​

The main source of these inevitable flavours are induced by our proficient chefs. All products are combined artfully in a harmony by them.

Extremely Tasty Foods

Hot soups that warm you up, unique entrees and freshly picked vegetables, here Mediterranean tastes awaits you.


Hygenic Conditions

Hygiene is our priority in the preparation and presentation of the dinner.

Outstanding Taste

Thanks to our Professional Chefs, you will appreciate the local delicacies.

Variety of options

Rich menu and presentation contents that enrich your food experience

Meal Options


Traditional Food

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